Frequenza Records


10 Years of Frequenza – label party @ Heinz Gaul, Cologne, 9 August


On August 9th Nihil Young aka Less Hate celebrates 10 years of his Italy based Frequenza Records imprint at Heinz Gaul, Cologne, with friends and regular Frequenza artists Lützenkirchen, Patrick Kunkel; TYGR TYGR.  Der Effekt and newly signed Tezz & Marco Eisenberg.

We join forces with the lovely Cologne based label Louder Than Famous with Kotapski and friends:, Tennan, Con Tacto Bjrn Nmmch.

Main Floor (Frequenza):
Nihil Young (Frequenza, Toolroom)
Lützenkirchen LIVE (Frequenza, Blufin)
Patrick Kunkel LIVE (Frequenza, Cocoon)
TYGR TYGR (Frequenza, Lost On You)
Der Effekt (Official Page) (Frequenza, Mukke)
Tezz Mukke & Marco Eisenberg (Frequenza)

GAUL BAR (Louder than Famous):
Tennan (Moon Harbour, Relief) (Desolat, Cajual)
Kotapski (VIVa Music, Louder than Famous)
Con Tacto (Louder than Famous)
Björn Nimmich (DJ) (Louder than Famous