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VAN SORGEN – Nature In Motion LP

Van Sorgen’s Debut Album “Nature in Motion” LP will be out March 12th

Armando Sorge aka Van Sorgen hails from Palermo, Italy and has found a comfortable home on the Italian imprint since making his debut in December of 2013. A string of successful EP’s saw the Italian artist showcase his diversity with stylistic shifts from ambient house to organic techno. A sound designer by profession, Van Sorgen has lent his expertise to various notable brands over the years, including Valentino Gravani and Microsoft, where he contributed to their global advertising campaigns in editing and design.

A passion for field recordings has led to Van Sorgen’s latest and most anticipated project to date, the twelve track opus ‘Nature In Motion’. Recalling his work as a professor, bringing a world of endless sonic possibilities to young students through organic soundscapes and timeless techno.

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• Electronic Groove
• 8day Montreal
• Melodic Deep

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