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Act Out Sexually by Diaz & Parree – inc. Nihil Young, Patrick Kunkel, Carlo Ruetz remixes

Release date: December 18th, 2017 (BEATPORT.COM)

German duo and upcoming Techno act Diaz & Parree deliver their debut Frequenza release, ‘Act Out Sexually’, including remixes by Patrick Kunkel & Nihil Young and Carlo Ruetz.

‘Act Out Sexually’ is a psychotic piece of filthy techno that builds suspense through its endlessly rising trippy acid synth twists. VIKA’s sensual yet dark vocals seductively build upon the duos driving bassline, eventually layering in booming hi-hats to help create some massive releases.

‘Perverse Thoughts’ really builds upon those driving and fumbling kick drums taken from ‘Act Out Sexually’. This take however, is like a mini-techno perverse symphony; a very well developed set of arrangements that builds upon the duos addictive formula. With a plethora of twisting, warbling and driving synthlines, this track will no doubt keep you hooked from the very start.

Patrick Kunkel & Nihil Young’s remix of ‘Act out Sexually’ takes on a much more smooth and progressive version of the track. Still a very powerful interpretation, the pair take a much more melodic approach, layering a diverse range of synth lines with dark and brassy sounding stabs. Pulling the vocals back to a mere distant presence, the track has a somewhat hypnotic feel.

Carlo Ruetz remix of ‘Perverse Thoughts’ stays slightly more true to original, a thumping rave/techno interpretation that focuses more upon it’s rhythmic side. High-pitched synth lines are juxtaposed heavily against dark and progressive bass stabs, finally released with a pounding and percussive drum pattern.

already played / supported by:
Sasha, Marco Carola, Psycatron, Steve Lawler, Marc Poppcke, Tommy Vercetti, Christian Varela, Animal Trainer, Ron Costa, Davide Squillace

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